3 Concerns About Repairing Your Flooded Basement

9 April 2020
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Did you recently discover that your basement was flooded with water, and now you have no idea what to do? You likely have some questions about restoring your basement to how it once was. 

Should You Act Immediately Or Call A Professional?

You may not be sure about what your gut reaction should be, to take the job on yourself or to bring in a professional to do for you. The answer is a little bit of both. Understand that more damage will be caused as the water remains in your basement, so you should act quickly to start removing as much water as you can. Get a submersible pump and a long hose so that you can start pumping water to the outside of your home.

However, you also want to contact a water damage restoration specialist right away. See how quickly they can get out to your home and start the repair process. Getting rid of the water will help give them a head start in the restoration process and limit how much damage was done. 

What Techniques Are Used To Dry The Basement?

The key to getting your basement dry is to circulate the air to remove as much humidity as possible. Expect a water damage restoration specialist to bring in large fans that will take the moisture that is in the space and move it to the outside of your home. Dehumidifiers will also be used to remove the moisture that is in the air. By combining these techniques, the basement space will eventually become dry. 

Any items that have become wet will likely be removed from the space so that they can completely dry out. If the weather is nice, it may involve simply taking the items out into your yard and letting the sun and air dry out the item naturally.

How Will The Basement Be Repaired? 

Many damaged materials will need to be completely replaced, such as carpeting, drywall, and things that are damaged beyond repair. However, many construction elements can be repaired by treating the item for mold growth and drying it out. Replacing any part of your home will be the last resort since the water damage repair specialist will want to keep as much of the original structure in place to avoid a costly repair situation. 

Have more questions about water damage restoration? Reach out to a water damage repair specialist for more information.