Repairing Your Home After Flood Damage Occurs

4 June 2020
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There are many ways that water can cause extensive damage to your home, but you may not fully appreciate the numerous ways that your property can suffer extensive damage as a result of even relatively minor flooding. As a result, you may overlook some of the more serious damages that can occur to the property.


Rot is one of the most serious types of damage that can occur to the property in the aftermath of substantial water damage. Over time, the rot can lead to important structural components of the home to rot. Once the rot has started, replacing the affected components may be the only option for preventing the home from suffering further damages and complications. You can drastically reduce the risk of rot developing by making it a point to quickly have any water damage repaired. This will limit the amount of time that the water is in contact with the surfaces so that the risk of rot developing can be kept minimal.


The water that causes damage to your home may be filled with harmful bacteria that have the potential to cause sickness. This can be especially true if the water that flooded the home was contaminated, such as if the floodwater mixed with sewer lines. Restoring a home after it has suffered this type of damage can be particularly challenging as the entire area will need to be thoroughly sanitized. Luckily, professional water damage restoration services will have the equipment needed to be able to sanitize floors, walls and other surfaces that may have come into contact with the contaminated water.

Warping Of Supports

Water damage can cause extensive warping of the supports that hold up the floors and walls in your home. Unfortunately, this can be a very serious type of damage to have to address as it can lead to cracks forming in the walls, the floors becoming unlevel and doors no longer closing correctly. Preventing this damage will require these supports to be dried in a controlled manner as the odds of this damage occurring will increase the longer these components stay wet. As with rot, components that have warped may not be salvageable, and replacing them can be a costly and disruptive project. Fortunately, water damage restoration services will often be able to begin restoration work within a matter of hours of being contacted, and this can greatly reduce the risk of this serious damage occurring.

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