Bring It Back to Life: How to Avoid Mistakes When Staining Your Wood Deck

29 July 2020
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If your wood deck has seen better days, it's time for some summer maintenance. A fresh coat of stain will bring it back to life, but you need to make sure you take the right steps. Mistakes during the application of the stain could leave your deck looking worse than it did when you started. Here are some tips that will help you to avoid mistakes when you stain your wood deck. 

Wait Until the Conditions Are Right

If you're going to stain your wood deck, wait until the conditions are just right. You may not think that weather conditions have any bearing on how your project turns out, but that's simply not the case. Wood stain needs to be applied under the right conditions. If it's not, you can end up with serious problems. First, always wait a few days after any rainstorm. That way, the wood has a chance to dry all the way through. Second, avoid staining your wood on days when you're expecting high humidity. High humidity can cause delays in the drying time. Finally, apply paint in the early morning or late afternoon. Applying stain when the sun is directly overhead can lead to rapid drying, which prevents a good seal. 

Get Rid of the Dirt and Grime

If you need to apply fresh stain to your wood deck, start with a clean surface. If you apply stain to a dirty deck, you'll get less-than-favorable results. The best way to clean a deck for staining is to use a pressure washer. A pressure washer will remove all the dirt, grime, and old stain. It's also safer to use on wood that's been pressure-treated against insects and wood rot. If you need to remove several layers of old stain, you should consider hiring a professional pressure cleaning service. They'll get the wood clean right down to the grain. 

Go Slow and Steady

Finally, if you're going to apply fresh stain to your wood deck, you might want to get the project done as quickly as possible. However, that type of approach can leave you with puddles and flaking. To avoid those problems, always apply wood stain in slow and steady strokes. Apply the first thin layer and let it dry thoroughly. Once that application has dried, apply the second layer. Applying two thin layers will leave you with a smooth, even application of stain. 

If you're tired of your deck looking weather-beaten, take action. Restore the appearance of your wood deck with a fresh application of stain. For a quality application, reach out to deck staining professionals like Aksarben Powerwashing.