Common Carpet Repairs To Extend Carpet Life

21 September 2020
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The carpeting in the home should last for quite a few years—in some cases a decade or more. However, sometimes a good carpet can sustain damage that may be less costly to fix than replace.

How do you know if carpet repair is a better solution or you? Here are some things to consider.

Tears And Cuts

Cuts or tear in the carpet are common, and the damage not always easy to repair yourself. Depending on the size and type of tear, heat-activated tape and a steam iron can close the gap and match seems.

If the tear is large or has jagged edges, it often requires the expertise of a professional. He or she can repair the damage by cutting out the tear and replacing the missing piece with a matching remnant.

Indentations From Furniture

If you don't move furniture often, it can leave deep indentions in carpeting when you do decide to move it. Sometimes vacuuming and time is that is needed to puff the area back up. However, deep intentions may require professional deep cleaning to remove.

You can try a few tricks first, though.

  • Damping the spot with water and using a blow dryer to fluff the fiber
  • Placing a damp cloth on the spot and ironing over the cloth
  • Renting a carpet cleaner and try to fluff up the carpet

If all these efforts fail, though, a professional deep clean is the best option.

Stains On Carpet

Spills, pet accidents, and other mishaps often lead to stains. These unsightly spots are permanent if not treated immediately and correctly.

One good way to treat a stain right away is to apply a small amount of vinegar and then sprinkle baking soda on the vinegar. The vinegar works to soften the stain while baking soda lifts the stain and helps deodorize the carpet.

For old stains or more difficult ones, a professional is needed. The professional can try cleaning, but if required, the old piece is cut out and replaced with a matching remnant.

When All Else Fails

One last solution for tears, stains, and other carpet issues, is to get creative and place a table, plant, or another object over the area to conceal it.

So, yes you can fix a carpet and get more life out of it in most cases. However, depending on your experience, you may need to call a professional in carpet repair to help get the job done.