Know When the Siding on Your Home Needs Replacement

31 March 2021
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The siding of your home is extremely important and you want to keep it in good shape. Part of this is keeping the siding clean and the other part is recognizing when there are problems that need to be fixed or when it needs to be replaced. When it comes to recognizing the need for replacement, the following will be signs that the time has come: 

1. The siding is bubbling

Your siding shouldn't bubble and if it ends up doing so, then this means it has been exposed to excessive amounts of moisture and/or heat. This problem generally happens to localized areas and this means you may be able to have the affected sections replaced. However, this all depends on the condition of the rest of your siding. If the rest of the siding is aged, then the new siding would stand out and therefore it may be best to replace all of it. In order to avoid this same problem from happening again, you also need to determine the cause and have that taken care of as well. 

2. The siding has dry rot

Wood siding can have dry rot when it becomes damaged from moisture and gets a fungus that causes it to decompose. Dry rot is a serious issue and will continue to become more obvious as the dry rot spreads. If this has happened to your siding, then you want to have it replaced as soon as possible. 

3. The siding has been damaged by hail

A hail storm can do a lot of damage to a home and one of the areas that can end up with a lot of damage is the siding. The hail can dent the siding and it can end up cracking it. Dented siding will look bad, but cracked siding presents even worse problems than visual ones. Cracked siding allows the water to go beneath the siding in the future. You'll want to have all of the siding that's been damaged replaced right away. 

4. The siding is loose

Whether time, improper insulation, or wind damage has caused the siding to become loose, it is a problem that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. When the siding is loose, it won't be able to protect the home the way it is designed to. To address the issue and avoid further damage, contact siding replacement services right away.