Apartment Restoration And Cleaning Tips For Successful Turnover Preparation

10 May 2021
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When you own a rental property, preparing and cleaning the apartment for the next tenant can be a process that you cannot ignore but need to complete efficiently and cost-effectively. With the right types of professional restoration services, you can help make your apartment rental ready for the next tenant. Here are some recommended maintenance and cleaning tips to repair and restore your apartment rental for continued use.

Clean and Manage Carpeting Condition

The floors of an apartment can become one of the most actively used surfaces, and as a result, can become the dirtiest and damaged. Just regular wear and use can track in dirt, stains, and pet odors, especially over the period of a one-year lease. But, when the carpeting is subjected to damage that is beyond regular use, like water damage and mold or mildew growth, it can leave you with a much more serious clean-up situation.

When carpeting is heavily stained and dirty, a professional carpet cleaning service can apply a deep cleaning treatment to the carpets to see if it can be restored. Often, you can have a carpet restoration professional evaluate the carpet and give you a recommendation on its condition, and whether or not it can be cleaned and restored, or if it needs to be replaced. However, carpet cleaning and restoration services are successful at removing some difficult stains and spots on carpeting and can restore it for continued use and save you the cost of having to replace it and the padding.

Carpet tears and holes can also be repaired successfully. Your carpet professional can use a section of existing carpeting to patch over a hole or carpet damage without leaving any indication it was patched. They can often use an extra length of carpeting or pull carpeting out of a closet and replace it with similar carpeting to repair an area of carpeting in a high visibility area, such as the hallway or living room.

Clean Up the Walls

In addition to the floors in an apartment, the walls receive a great deal of damage that you need to address to prepare it for the next renter. Damage on the walls can come in the form of stains from oils and food, scratches, dents, and holes from picture nails. In an extreme situation, you will need to repair a fist-sized hole in the wall.

Fortunately, there are patching kits and materials at a local home improvement store that will make your wall restoration easy. And you can clean the walls prior to painting to remove any residues and dust.

Reach out to a local apartment restoration service to learn more.