Don't Let Commercial Water Damage Ruin Your Business—Protect It Before It's Too Late

1 November 2021
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Dealing with commercial water damage can be a challenge that can break your business. There is a lot of work to do when dealing with water damage, and taking action quickly can mean the difference between staying open and having to close your doors permanently. Thus, you need to know how to deal with commercial water damage before it's too late, and the following information will help.

Dealing with Water Entering Your Business

Water problems come in many sizes. The smallest might be a leak in a faucet. The largest problems might be a flood that inundates a whole city or also things like a broken water main, a pipe burst, or a leaky roof. When these problems affect your business, you want to find the source of the problem and address it as quickly as possible. You might need to shut off pipes or start pumping the water out as soon as you can get into your business.

Assessing Safety Hazards

Before you can get into your business to start removing the water and start repairs, you have to deal with hazards. Since commercial businesses also deal with the public, there are also considerations that need to be made to ensure the safety of the property.

You first want to make sure utilities are turned off to the affected area of your business. It should also be well ventilated. If there is any contamination, the area should be closed off from areas still being used by employees or customers. A good restoration service will help assess the damage and give you advice for handling hazards to ensure the safety of your business.

Assessing Losses and Damage to the Property

The property loss might be another issue that you might have to deal with when it comes to restoring your business after water damage. In your business, this can be loss of inventory and damage to the property that needs to be addressed.

Before doing anything else, you are going to need to deal with the inventory. A commercial water damage service can help with auditing inventory and saving what can be saved. The loss of inventory will need to be included in any insurance claims or financial statements to cover the losses due to water damage.

Another issue that you will have to deal with is the damage to the building and other property. This can include issues with damage to build-out finishes as well as other structural issues. These are the problems that are going to need to be repaired during the restoration process.

Beginning with the Repairs to Your Business

After assessing the damage and making claims, you will be ready to begin the repairs to your business. These repairs will start with the structural repairs that need to be done, and then the final finishes will be reinstalled to finish the repairs. Finally, your business can be restocked, and things can get back to normal.

The problems with commercial water damage can be mitigated with the right help. Contact a commercial water damage restoration service for more information.