Smoke Damage: The Hidden Dangers

31 March 2020
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It's a mistake to think that all the danger is past once the fire is out. Smoke damage in the home is more than an unsightly or smelly mess; it can have long-term health repercussions if the damage isn't addressed properly. The following are just a few health issues that can surface from unresolved smoke damage.

Released Toxins

Fires often release toxins into the air, such as toxins from burning plastics or other chemicals in the home. Even the paint on your wall can release toxins once it is exposed to heat. These toxins then linger in your home's air as soot and and smoke particles, where they can irritate you and your family later. Smoke damage restoration ensures that all of these toxins are either removed or sealed up so that they can't affect your family.

Asbestos Concerns

Some older homes still contain asbestos. Asbestos only poses an issue when it is freed into the air where you can breathe it in, which can unfortunately occur as a result of even a small kitchen fire. If you have an older home, then you need a smoke restoration service to check for asbestos and mitigate its dangers if the material is found within your home. If the asbestos is left unaddressed, the chances for long-term negative health effects like cancer are likely to increase.

Respiratory Irritation

Those in your home that have existing respiratory problems, such as asthma, are more likely to develop ongoing issues if smoke damage isn't addressed. Small soot particles, even from the burning of otherwise harmless materials, can act like glass in the lungs and respiratory tract. Even otherwise healthy people can develop breathing distress from these particles. Soot is also insidious, so you may still encounter it in hidden places even if you cleaned up the most visibly damaged areas.

Skin Problems

Soot doesn't just irritate the lungs; it can also cause skin irritation for many people. Smoke and soot can travel through the smallest of cracks and in the walls, which means it can get into clothing and other items that were stored away in closets and drawers. When these items come into contact with the skin, some people will experience itching, rashes, or even burn-like irritation. Full smoke mitigation services can help ensure that soot and smoke residue is completely removed from all textiles in the house, as well as hard surfaces.

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