Do You Have Lead Paint In Your Home? You Likely Have These 3 Questions

15 April 2020
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If you currently have paint in your home that you suspect is made of lead, it is normal to have concerns about what to do about it. Here are some questions you'll have about lead abatement.

Why Have Lead Abatement Done To Your Home?

There is a risk of lead dust getting into the air from lead paint, which can be a risk for young children in your home. Many people decide to get lead abatement done prior to having a child or as soon as they notice it with a child in the home. Even something as simple as a window painted with lead paint can cause dust particles to come off the surface each time you open and close the window. 

How Does Lead Abatement Work?

A professional lead abatement contractor will come through your home and identify the parts that are covered in lead paint. From there, you will have some options on how it will be removed from your home. 

The enclosure method means that the contractor will cover the existing lead paint with another construction material so it is safe. This involves covering it not with another layer of paint but with drywall or other material. The replacement method requires that the entire item covered with lead paint is replaced with new construction material. For example, if you have windows covered in lead paint, you may decide it is best to replace the entire window instead of trying to repair it. Some contractors will use a paint removal process, which involves stripping paint from certain items so that they can be restored. This is often done with doors, crown moldings, and other removable items.

Your lead paint abatement contractor will likely use a combination of all three methods to remove the lead paint in your home

Do You Have To Disclose That There Has Been Lead Paint In Your Home?

When the time comes to sell your home, you will need to sign a disclosure stating that you are aware that there is lead paint in your home. If you had your home tested for lead paint and it was confirmed to be in your home, the abatement process means that you have no reason to believe that there is still lead paint in your home if you did not use encapsulation.

Ready to have the lead paint removed from your home? Reach out to a lead abatement contractor for more information.