Things You Can Do To Keep The Water Out Of Your Basement

22 April 2020
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Waterproofing your basement is an excellent way to make sure that nothing in the basement gets damaged. If you are considering finishing the space to make a room or more living space in the basement, waterproofing can protect the investment you are making as well.

Protecting Your Basement

Waterproofing the basement in your home does not always mean that you already have water coming in. Sometimes it is a good idea to use waterproofing as a way to ensure you do not have a leak in the future. You paint your home to protect the exterior siding, so why not waterproof the basement walls to protect the basement? The concept is the same, and while the material is different, it is not as difficult to do as some people think.

Hiring a Contractor

Waterproofing contractors specialize in keeping the water out of the basement and protecting your foundation from damage. Hiring a contractor to come and waterproof the basement walls for you is an excellent way to make sure the job is done right, and you will not have any problems in the future.

The contractor may need to remove the soil around the house to reach the bottom of the basement walls on the exterior of the home, but don't worry, they will put all the dirt back when the job is complete. 

Excavating around the house is the best way for the contractor to coat the exterior walls with a waterproofing compound that will seal them and keep any water from getting through. In areas that have a lot of groundwater near the surface of the soil, the contractor may also install some perforated pipe and gravel around the home. This will help drain the water away from the outside of the home. 

Interior Waterproofing

Once the contractor has completed the exterior work, you may want to have them paint the inside of the basement with waterproof paint as an added measure. In most cases, sealing the outside walls is enough to keep the water out. Still, when you are investing money into remodeling the basement or converting it to a room for entertaining, family time, or maybe making an in-law space out of it, you want to be sure that the water is staying outside no matter what happens.

If you are installing following or carpeting in the basement, it is a good idea to have the contractor seal the floor as well. If there is any place for the water to seep in, it will find it, so taking a little extra time to make sure everything is tight is essential. 

If you want any waterproofing services provided to your home, contact a professional near you.