Historic And Retro Home Renovation Guide To Restore Surfaces And Finishes

27 April 2020
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Whether you are restoring a historic home or have some retro finishes that you want to reuse and make new again, you are going to need to do some work. The finishes of stone, enamel, and colored resin surfaces can all be restored to make them new again. The following guide will walk you through the different surfaces and finishes that can be repaired, reconditioned, and polished to make them like new again:

1. Evaluating the Materials That You Plan on Refinishing and Inspecting Them for Damage

When you are doing restorations to your home, reusing materials can be a great way to save. Some of the enamel finishes can be repaired and restored to give new life to things like sinks and tubs. There are also options for restoring the finishes of stone surfaces and historic enamel finishes throughout your home. You will want to choose the things that you like and want to invest in repairs to reuse.

2. Preparing the Area Where Surface Repairs Are Going to Be Done to Protect Other Materials

Once you have decided on the materials that you are going to keep and reuse, you will want to prepare the area for onsite surface repair. Do any demolition and finish work that needs to be done before the new finish is done. In addition, you will want to protect other materials, woodwork, and finishes in the area where the surface repairs are going to be done to ensure these materials do not get damaged while the work is being done.

3. Talk with An Onsite Surface Repair Service About Matching Colors and Options for Changes to New Finishes

You will also want to talk to an onsite surface repair service about options for matching or changing colors of materials. If you have retro surfaces with unique colors, you will want to make sure that the repairs are done with the same color materials. In some cases, you may not like retro enamel colors, and new enamel finishes can be done with more neutral colors for a more attractive design.

4. Getting the Surfaces That Need Repairs Ready to Be Stripped, Refinished, and Polished

Lastly, you are going to want to prepare the surfaces that are going to be repaired. Clean up any clutter in the area where the surface repairs need to be done and clean the surface that needs to be repaired to ensure there is not any dirt or dust when the repairs are done. When the surface is repaired, it will be refinished and then polished to make it look new again.

These are some of the different solutions that can help you restore the historic and retro materials in your renovations. If you are restoring your home and need help with restoring worn surfaces, contact an onsite surface repair service to give these materials a new finish.

For more information, look for a professional who provides onsite surface repair near you.