Ways to Waterproof Your Basement So You Don't Have to Worry When It Rains

18 June 2020
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Waterproofing your basement is essential when you want to rid your home of musty odors or if you want to use your basement for an extra room instead of just letting the space go to waste. If your family is growing and you're running out of space in your home, a dry basement could give kids room to play or sleep. Here's a look at some approaches a basement waterproofing contractor might suggest.

Fill Cracks and Apply a Coating

Interior waterproofing methods are the most affordable, but they might not be suitable in all cases. This involves things like sealing cracks and applying a waterproof coating on the walls and floors. These methods help keep water and condensation under control, but they don't address the cause of your wet basement, which is coming from the soil on the outside of the wall.

If you're going to spend a lot of money finishing your basement to turn it into a family room, you may want a more reliable method of waterproofing that you know is permanent and won't fail. Your waterproofing contractor can help you decide if interior waterproof coatings are right for your situation.

Fix Gutters And Landscaping

If water flows toward your house rather than away from it, the water seeps through your basement walls and contributes to the problem of a wet basement. Improving drainage can be an important part of waterproofing. This involves making sure your home's gutters drain water away from your house and making sure landscaping or hardscaping doesn't keep water from draining away. It might even be necessary to have a drain installed under the ground that catches water before it can reach your house.

Apply A Waterproof Membrane

The exterior walls of the basement can also be waterproofed. This stops water from coming near the basement walls, so it's an effective method for keeping your basement dry. However, it involves digging a trench around your house to expose the walls, and this is a more expensive waterproofing option.

When the walls are exposed, the contractor can apply a waterproof membrane and then fill the trench back in. You may need to replace grass and landscaping, but at least your wet basement problems should be over so you can enjoy the dry space.

Several factors affect whether interior or exterior waterproofing methods are right for you. A basement waterproofing contractor can assess your situation and consider the causes for your wet basement, how to fix the problem, and how to keep your basement dry. The contractor may need to combine two or more methods to ensure your basement is always dry and not at risk every time it rains.