4 Surprising Things That Must Happen During Fire Damage Restoration

24 June 2020
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After a house has caught on fire and been extinguished, the restoration process can begin. Here is a look at some of the surprising things that can take place during the restoration process after a fire.  

1. Contractors will secure the perimeter of your home to protect it

When the restoration contractors initially arrive at your home for fire damage restoration, they will take measures to secure the perimeter if you have not done so already. Unfortunately, looting is a huge issue in homes that have caught fire because most homeowners leave the home to stay somewhere safe. To protect the house and your belongings, the contractor may erect a temporary fence, install partitions, or cover openings with plywood. 

2. The damaged parts of the home will be sealed off from the rest of the house

Most homeowners are quite surprised to see what great lengths the restoration contractors will go through in order to seal off the damaged parts of the home from the rest of the house. Even though it can look like the damage is contained after the fire is extinguished, there is still a risk of the odors and moisture getting into the undamaged parts of the home. Therefore, it is just a good measure to seal off the damaged areas. 

3. Equipment is used to eradicate the odors from the structure

The odors left lingering after a fire can be horrendous. A burned residential dwelling always has a telltale odor caused by a collaboration of the smoke, the burned materials, and the extinguishing agents. To remove these odors, the restoration contractor will use special equipment, such as large air purifiers, to help eradicate any lingering odors. 

4. Certain items and belongings will be discarded

No matter how much you want to keep certain items in your home, there are going to be some things that are damaged beyond repair. Some homeowners are a bit surprised at the types of items that the fire damage restoration professionals recommend getting rid of. For example, any type of aerosol can should be tossed, glass shower doors should be gotten rid of, and non-perishable canned foods should go. Aerosol cans can be at risk of exploding because they have been exposed to high heat, glass shower doors can shatter easier than they could before the fire, and canned goods can be basically cooked inside the can and ruined.