Keys To Handling Water Damage Repairs In The Home

13 July 2020
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Insurance companies pay out claims related to water damage more than almost any other incident -- it's number two on the list. If you're dealing with water damage, the guidelines presented below will help you out. 

Consider how water damage commonly comes about in the home

Get to know the inner workings of your home plumbing system to know how water damage comes about. A tenth of homes lose 90 gallons of water per day in leaks. Water damage also happens when homes experience flooding from tropical storms and hurricanes. Whether your home has experienced a water main break, malfunctioning hot water heater, or you're dealing with water rushing in from outside -- always remain aware of these issues.

Address mold, fire, smoke, and furniture replacement that might come with the service call

Water is typically only the first symptom you deal with, and you're lucky if it is the only one. After water damage takes root in your household, mold will likely appear in your drywall and crawlspace. 

This mold can become harmful to your household, especially if anyone in your house has compromised respiratory systems. It's also common to deal with water damage from a house fire. The fire could create water damage due to temperature changes, and you may have to also deal with residual fire and smoke damage. 

It's common you may also need to replace furniture pieces. Wood furniture is particularly susceptible to water damage and it may also begin to rot and wear down.

Coordinate to get water damage restoration services 

File a claim with your home insurance and ask them to point you toward some professional water damage restoration technicians. Hiring water damage contractors can cost up to $4,700 or so. 

Check with your home insurance company to make sure that you're able to move forward with any restoration needs that you have. Learn what combination of dwelling coverage and property coverage you have so that you can address any claim. 

The water damage professional should be licensed and bonded. Verify both their license number and the name of the business. Ask about what other services they provide as well. Water damage companies may provide extended rentals on wet vacs and fans, for instance. 

They can also advise you on long-term upgrades such as changing out carpet and deciding on new wallpaper and paint options.

These water damage repair tips will help you with any project that you have.