Dustless Sandblasting: Things To Know As A Prospective Customer With A Dirty Boat Hull

18 September 2020
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From bilge oil and crustaceans to moss and salt deposits, you can find all kinds of contaminants hanging out on the hull of an average boat. If all this sea scum is not periodically removed between trips, you can rapidly end up with a mess that is eating away at your ability to glide smoothly through the water and possibly your boat structure as well. Unfortunately, simply taking a hose and scrubby to the gunk on your boat hull is just not feasible; this stuff is usually hardened in place so densely that it can seem impossible to remove without causing damage. Dustless marine sandblasting can help. 

Dustless sandblasting can be adjusted to be safe for any hull material

Whether you have a fiberglass hull, a metal hull, or a wooden hull, you definitely do not want any damage caused during the cleaning process. While sandblasting sounds like it would be a harsh process, the pressure of the blast and the blasting medium can be appropriately adjusted to make sure your boat's hull is never at risk. The professionals will assess the issues you have on your hull that need to be removed and then choose a blasting medium and pressure to make sure no damage is caused during the cleaning process. 

Dustless sandblasting is clean enough for use in all areas

One thing that concerns boat owners about sandblasting is the dust and mess that could be left behind after a hull-cleaning. However, dustless sandblasting is specifically designed to reduce the amount of distributed dust and debris. Therefore, if you have your boat pulled out at a boatyard that has stringent requirements, you won't have to be so concerned that you won't get your boat properly cleaned. Likewise, if you currently have your boat parked on a trailer at home, dustless marine sandblasting is not going to leave a mess on your property. 

Dustless sandblasting can be used for more than just cleaning your boat hull

Naturally, getting a good hull cleaning is important, but dustless sandblasting can be just as useful for bigger projects boat owners have in mind. For example, if you're ready for a new coating of anti-foul, epoxy, or just paint, the process can be used to remove old surface treatments to prepare the hull for new applications. The diversity made possible by different mediums used for sandblasting means the process can be used for a diverse lineup of marine projects.