4 Important Things You Need To Understand About Water Damage In Your Basement

7 December 2020
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Sometimes, when it rains outside, it can get wet inside your home as well. If you have a basement in your water, you need to act right away, and you need to understand why water got into your basement.

Thing #1: Why Water Got Into Your Basement

There are various reasons why water may have gotten into your basement after it rains. A large majority of homeowners deal with basement water issues. There are a few things that can water to get into your basement.

First, water could get into your basement if there is a flash flood or regular flood in your area. This is likely if you live in a flood-prone area, as your basement is the lowest part of your home.

Second, sometimes water seeps into your home due to cracks in your basement walls. Water can also seep in through other porous material and into your basement. 

Third, water could get into your basement through a window. Water may collect in your window well and get into your basement.

Thing #2: How to Know If the Water Damage Is Caused by Rain

Just because there is water in your basement doesn't mean it was caused by rain. A leaking supply or drainage pipe could have caused it. The best way to know is to pay attention to when you notice water in your basement.

Do you see standing puddles of water near your home when it rains? Do you notice water in your basement whenever it rains hard? Are the windows and doors in your basement swollen with moisture? Are the walls in your basement buckling or leaning at all? 

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, the water damage in your basement is most likely attributed to the rain and not to some other source.

Thing #3: How Water Damage Can Impact Your Basement

Water damage can impact your basement in a variety of ways. 

To start with, the water damage could cause foundation damage. Foundation damage is most likely because the exposure to the water is prolonged and if the water's presence is extensive. If the foundation is damaged, you are going to need to address the foundation damage.

With water damage, the wiring in the walls can also be damaged. If you have any appliances in your basement, they could be damaged as well. 

Anything porous could also be damaged, and your basement is at risk of mold and mildew. 

Thing #4: How to Deal with Water Damage

When you get water in your basement, first you need to get rid of the water. You can get rid of the water with a sump pump. You can also use air dryers and install fans to dry out space.

You will then need to figure out how and why the water is getting into your basement and make changes. A water damage restoration team can help clean up your basement and fix why water is impacting your basement. 

If you have more questions, contact a local water damage restoration service.