Dealing With Emergency Water Damage Restorations After Pipes Burst

28 January 2021
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If you have a pipe that has burst this winter, it can cause serious issues with water damage that need to be repaired. Sometimes, these issues are in walls and unfinished spaces. The problems with the damage after pipes burst can be difficult to deal with. Therefore, you may need help getting started with water removal and repairing the damage. The following emergency water damage restoration information will help you get started quickly with repairs after pipes burst:

Begin the Water Removal Quickly

The water that gets into your home when a pipe bursts can cause damage quickly. Therefore, you want to begin the water removal process and shut off the main lines to your home. Use anything you have available to start pumping the water out. If you call an emergency restoration service, they will be able to help with larger pumps and hoses. The professional equipment will be used to remove the water quickly.

Save the Materials You Can Restore

When pipes burst, they cause a lot of damage to materials and property. Therefore, you want to remove anything that can be restored. Some of the materials to remove that you may want to restore includes:

  • Cabinets, trim, and woodwork
  • Furniture, pictures, and decorations
  • Electronics and small personal items

Move these materials out of the affected area to save them. This will make it easier to restore the materials you want to save and put back in your home. 

Try to Contain the Water to One Area

The biggest challenge when you have a burst pipe or other problem is keeping the water contained. You can make makeshift sandbags with garbage bags, old clothes, and anything else you can find to fill with sand, soil, or other materials. Block off the affected area to prevent the water from affecting other areas of your home. You also want to make sure the affected area is well-ventilated.

Get Emergency Help with Repairs

Even if you get started on the repair work quickly, you will want to call an emergency restoration service for help. They will be able to help you with containing the problem quickly, as well as begin the repair work. This can prevent the problem from causing more damage to your home and becoming costlier to repair.

The issues with pipes that burst can cause serious damage. Therefore, you will want to contact an emergency water damage restoration service to begin repairing the damage quickly.